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"I think you pitch great artists."
Sarah Lucy Oliver, Executive Producer NPR's Weekend Edition 

"An absolute go-getter!  Betsyann Faiella leaves no stone unturned.  A great player to have on your team."
Jamie Westrick – VP Fundraising Programs, Detroit Public TV

"Betsyann Faiella is a rare creature in the world of PR. Along with her total savvy about the "ins and outs" of media, she is truly knowledgeable about how to get the most for your PR  money, in the best and most tasteful ways. Kind, smart, a delight to work with and unbelievably hard working. I cannot recommend her too highly!"
Amanda McBroom, Golden Globe winning songwriter

"When I branched out from my Broadway career to make an album, the record label recommended SavoyPR and Betsyann Faiella to help get the word out. Boy, was that a great recommendation. We have been partnered on projects ever since. Betsyann's commitment to me and to all of the artists she represents goes way beyond the call of duty. Besides being truly excellent at her job, she has cared deeply about my success and growth and I am truly grateful to have her in my corner."
Robert Creighton, CAGNEY the Musical

"Well that, I think, is the single best letter from a PR person maybe ever.  Let me see what we can do."
Charlie Suissman – Editor, Manhattan Users Guide


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