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Who we are

We love creativity. 

SAVOYPR has been advancing careers since 2008. 

Betsyann Faiella (Betsy Ann Fye-ella) founded SAVOYPR to assist creative clients in accomplishing and exceeding their goals. As an artist with a personal passion for talent, Betsyann excels at nurturing the world's most intriguing creatives including filmmakers, performers and artisans. Her skill, warmth and enthusiasm have led to major placements in national and international news and entertainment outlets.

Betsyann Faiella began her media career producing television commercials and branded content. A proven leader, listener and motivator, she has collaborated with major brands from Bayer to Budweiser to Mercedes, leading film crews of 6 to 114  around the world. Her expertise includes film and digital production and post, CGI and many other VSFX techniques, as well as 3D and VR.


As an entertainer, Betsyann appeared in clubs and concert halls here and in Europe until she hung up her microphone in 2008. Her writing has appeared in The New York Times, The Clyde Fitch Report, Bistro, and Cabaret Scenes Magazine, the Magazine of the American Songbook Association. 

People often ask where the name SAVOYPR came from. "I was trying to come up with a name for a PR business that telegraphed PR, and if you've ever tried to purchase a URL these days, you know how tough it is," she explains. "Words like hype, pitch, strategic, etc. - forget it! Why didn't I use my own name? Because I never thought anyone would spell Betsyann Faiella intuitively. After a few days of frustration, I realized I was living on the historic former site of the Savoy Ballroom, a mecca of music, dance and fun that opened in Harlem in 1926. I thought, 'that's good for me!'" Done.

Publicist, media producer and writer, Betsyann Faiella
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